Human resources

The main capital of any company or organization is undoubtedly its human resource. No project, planning or strategy might work without the ingredient that provides life and rationale for the organization.

Cementos del Norte SA (CENOSA) can boast of having an excellent team, highly motivated and committed to the goals of the company.

Attorney Fatima Pineda Bardales, Human Resources manager CENOSA, explains that the department of Human Resources (HR) is governed by a Management, Payroll and Training Unit, Surveillance Unit, Medical unit and a unit of Care Staff, all harmoniously integrated to achieve the common goal of success in the business and labor welfare of its employees.

The whole group understands and knows that the mission of our department is to serve our internal customers with excellence, harmony and friendship, all of which has achieved the disposition and identification with our company and the sum of all the wills of this team to give CENOSA the best results.

The strength that we as a department have is that we are a compact team, governed by performance targets and measurements.


As for the strategies that the HR department has implemented to achieve a favorable working environment and get the high results that management expects, Attorney Pineda emphasizes that the primary objective is to make CENOSA is the best place to work.

Under this premise, the company focuses its efforts and strategies to ensure a work environment that present the optimum conditions, emphasizing the extreme importance of the safety of all personnel.

As a result of this excellent management of HR resources CENOSA has a rotation of 0.01%, which speaks grandly about the good working environment and optimal working conditions in their employees, who only retire when they reach the age of retirement and have twenty-five years of work.


The CENOSA training system is integral to our employees. Every year we develop a training program that emanates from the Detection of Skills Needed. The training budget is high figures and in the past two years has increased because our staff has not only been fulfilling each step of its training program in Honduras but have also been sent abroad, especially all those who perform work and tasks that have required further training. European and American technicians have also been preparing our staff.